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University of Minnesota


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May 2020 1tRIPr strips being made in Clover cover crop


In 2020 Orthman has teamed up to cooperate with the Universities 4 row 1tRIPr to conduct research on how well strip till works into live clover cover crops.  On the left is an image from May 12th, 2020 field activities into the rapidly growing clover cover crop.


Studies will include growing corn to see how the cover crop can offer benefits to growth, soil health and potential yield.  Scientists are studying the planting efficacy or lack of with corn.  They are looking at how a clover cover can be a sustainable “partner” crop as the corn grows.  They will be checking soil microbial life, gases exchange and soil organic matter accumulation.  The studies include what addition of N will be provided to the growing corn crop within this strip till environment.


This study is at the U. of Minnesota Ag Experiment Station farm south of the Twin Cities, our contact is Jonathan Alexander, graduate student.   Doug Peterson is the Orthman Territory Manager of the Minnesota-Iowa-Western Wisconsin -Nebraska region.


Follow along for updates with the Corn-into-Cover Crop project…




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