Strip-Till Stays Strong All Season – Pioneer Hybrids in Strip-Till Environment Excel!

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Published November 18, 2011 | By admin


First in Series of 5: Strip-Till stays strong 3 years in a row with 197bu/ac in 2011 at Orthman Research Farm


Mike Petersen our lead agronomist reported this information with a side-by-side trial on the southside of the Orthman Farm of No-Till compared to Strip-Till.


The Strip-Till plots topped the No-Till to help inform Pioneer corn buyers that the deep rooting hybrid used in this study can gain sustainable profitable yields. The same hybrid 35F40 in No-Till was hanging in there but just not quite up to par with the strip-till. At $6.50/bushel those 11bu/ac added $71.50/acre to the gross dollars. In the 0751XR plots the extra 35bu/ac stood out near exponentially with strip-till. The input costs are so near the same in strip-till versus no-till, the proof is in the bin.


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