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Published April 22, 2008 | By admin


The Systems Approach – South of Arapahoe, NE


South of Arapahoe, NE we are practicing the precision fertilizer application, tilling a narrow 9 inch band, disrupting a compacted soil profile in the 2007 65-70bu/ac wheat crop for 2008 dryland corn. Soils are 49-50 degrees F. and will warm up quickly with the exposed tilled area. Soil between the stripped zone is left untouched, keeping residues attached, covering the ground for spring and summer rains to soak in, shade the soils and prevent wind/water erosion. All the while using 1 operation at 1.3 to 1.7gal/acre diesel fuel to prepare the seedbed, fertilize and allow vertical soil disturbance for deeper root growth in this dryland field.


Check with your Orthman dealer or rep to get a better idea of the system.




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