Orthman Asks the Questions and Seeks Answers with Strip-Tillage Research

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Published March 22, 2011 | By admin


We at Orthman Manufacturing are dedicated to gaining data, reasons, information, and answers to the questions we get from you growers regarding the system approach of Strip-Till. This week we have sought out more involving why do specific corn and soybean hybrids respond better in a strip-till system than conventional tillage when banding of fertilizer is part of both systems. Not everything is in yet, but Mike Petersen our agronomist put together a short piece for you to read in our ARTICLES section about banding of potassium (K) and what has been the observations in the Central Corn Belt specifically Indiana. Banding has been known as a good approach to applying fertility for over 30 years. Does it fit with your fertilizer management program?


Consider the opportunity to apply it right where the roots grow, maybe even using less quantity due to proximity, does banding build up the levels in zones? How can we maximize our potential in a volatile priced market with N-P-K costs rising to the moon?


Mike says being precision based in how we apply and where it goes underground instead of the gamble of throwing it on top with broadcast is a very wise approach. Tools such as the Orthman 1tRIPr make this all possible besides giving you a top ranked seedbed and rooting environment.


Read the article and go to the sources and gain more if you so desire folks. We want to lead you to the water – now drink!




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