Orthman Agronomist Still Digs ’em Deep

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Published August 5, 2011 | By admin


Mid-season root digs are wrapping up and Mike Petersen has exposed roots deep as 48 inches to see the positive effects of strip-till in irrigated corn. Mike notes that with the heat many of you have endured and continue to endure, so has the corn had to. The deeper rooted crops have a better chance of coming through this hot summer than any other. Back when you selected from the Seed catalogs, December – yes that is when putting strip-till and deeper rooted hybrids come into the decision making process.


Here at Orthman Manufacturing we have coordinated with three Seed Companies to gain better knowledge of what family lines will deliver the deeper rooted crop to get you through the hot and dry periods. It also is very informative to the Seed companies we work with because they can deliver products to you that can be successful in your region, especially the drier sections of the Western CornBelt.


So when you men and women consider 2012’s lineup of hybrids beyond did they outyield XYZ in the neighbors field down the road – ask the deeper question, “What about this hybrids root potential?” You might remember, that Orthman is learning and finding out the root dimensions 3X per season right in the state where Irrigation is King for the entire United States – Nebraska. In 2010 we surpassed all irrigated acres over California which was #1.



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