Oklahoma State Extension Provides News to Strip-Tillage and Raising Grain Sorghum

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Published January 5, 2011 | By admin


Report as of Jan. 5, 2011… Long Term Study with Tillage Effects


Rick Kochenower; Goodwell, OK, shares his findings and thoughts of what has been a focus of the OSU field research efforts with Strip-Till and No-Till then some differences in timing strip-till operations with grain sorghum. Climatic effects have been up and down and he speaks to those. The data is just in and we realize in the arid Panhandle of Oklahoma, SW Kansas, and NE Texas – growers are living on the edge. Tillage or the lack of, is an important management tool for raising or crop or seeing a disaster.


Take a look and read this report from Rick. The tool used is a 4 row Orthman 1tRIPr.


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