McNaught Family Farm – Update – April 27-30, 2020

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The week of April 27-30


The Orthman crew joined hands with AKRS John Deere, SureFire Ag, Nutrien, North 40 Seeds to plant the 30 Plots we organized to compare pre-plant fertilization with a 4 way combination of Ortho phosphate and Polyphosphate-Ortho combination with Zinc, Boron, Radiate and a product called Boost to really feed microbes and fungi in the beginning.  The Sentinal SureFire System was incredibly accurate and trustworthy to apply these starter mixes, made life of the planting man A-Ok!  These are randomized 4X to complicate Pat McNaughts life he says. Maybe so!  We also planted a Pioneer corn variety trial and a Pioneer soybean trial.  We also have a  corn trial of looking at the importance of planting directly above the pre-plant 1tRIPr placed nutrient band right at the edge of Polk, NE where a super cooperative grower sets aside 11 acres for the High Plains Vo-Ag students to monitor and be engaged into research.  These were triplicated plots, 24 rows each of one hybrid.  These are corn-on-corn plots for 2020.





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