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Orthman Sponsored Site near Polk, Nebraska, Polk County


At this site we are demonstrating 30 inch row 1tRIPr technology with fertilizer placement in continuous corn


1. Accuracy of Fertilizer placement, below the seed in a designated ‘sweet’ spot at 6.5 inches

2. Importance of planting precisely and merits of reduced pre-plant and reduced sidedress with full rate best management fertility.

3. We are carrying out a 3X replicated study of placement of nutrients below the seed then when we plant to move off-center 4 and 8 inches to determine the yield differences. This will be duplicated in corn, 24 row plots.

4. We will be doing a split application of starter placement, pre-plant, at planting and then subsequent applications of nutrients throughout the season. These plots are randomized, replicated 4X – 900 ft in length and controls, 50ft long 12 row plots – all irrigated by gated pipe or flex pipe.

5. The soybean studies will be in conjunction with AKRS Equipment to use a 8 row planter. We will carry out a population study of lowering the plant population with Soybeans to exhibit the benefits of how strip till can accentuate plant growth when more sunlight and air at lower plant density between plants.  Eastern Nebraska farmers are asking for this kind of a study in Strip Till.

6. We will have a joint Strip Till Pioneer corn  and soybean varieties plots with North 40 Seeds in Polk (Dennis Stevens & Nick Hatfield).

7. The fertilizer segment of this entire program (corn and soybeans) is with Nutrien products.



For more information regarding details of studies, dates for field events, directions and viewings, please contact:  Pat McNaught, Territory Sales Rep or Justin Troudt, VP of Sales, Marketing and Agronomy or Mike Petersen Lead Agronomist




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