Colorado State University Teams Up with Ag Industry – August 14, 2009

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Colorado State Univ. is conducting a 3 year demonstration study which is farmer based,looking at which system will work the best for conservation tillage in furrow irrigated cropland. The Big Thompson and Ft. Collins Conservation Districts, USDA-NRCS, USDA-ARS, Orthman Manufacturing, Schlagel Manufacturing, and Colorado Equipment have joined forces to educate growers in Northern Colorado along the Front Range. A field day was held Friday August 14th, 2009 to launch the first major look at what has happened this season. “Turn out was slight but we spoke to the right people for the day we came for” said Todd Boldt of NRCS. Direct Seeding, Conventional till, Strip-Till and Chop and Bed systems are all segments of this study led by Dr. Neil Hansen, CSU.


Come by anytime and Ted Acton, ARDEC Director and the men at ARDEC will be glad to show you what is happening to the continuous corn plots.


This soil pit was one of the stops on the tour of the day. Orthman’s Agronomist Mike Petersen put on an in-depth presentation depicting the strip-till corn (on the left and the conventional till corn on the right). The differences were quite evident even though the corn above ground looked much the same. It was said by several participants,”Mike, the guy in the soil pit helped put all what the scientists spoke of in perspective earlier in the day, I really appreciate that at a event like this one.”




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