August 24, 2009 Southwest Farm Press – Dumas, Texas Grower Describes Strip-Till as a Way to Save Water

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Read Full Article 8/19/09 by Quenna Terry in Southwest Farm Press


Brothers David and Donald Ford are the fourth generation of their family to farm in the Texas Panhandle. After 34 years in the business the partnership has grown to include five generations of farmers working the land in interests known as: D&D Farms, 3F Farms and DDK Farms.


“Acquiring good land management skills and patience is critical to the success of strip till farming”, Ford says. “It’s not easy at first, but if you stick with it, it will pay off. In the first couple of years I saw a big difference in water holding capacity and (reduced) runoff on my fields.”


With patience and persistence, Ford accomplished his goal. I’m saving water and utilizing it better. Last year (under more normal rainfall conditions) I applied 20 inches versus 26 inches of irrigation for the year and averaged a 260 bushel corn crop”, he says.


READ the entire article where Mr. Ford speaks of the great benefits from using strip-tillage on their farms.




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