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Agro-Liquid Fertilizers – St. Johns, MI


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Spring Strip Tilling this year-2020 and placing nutrients at Agro-Liquid farm near St. Johns, MI


Dr. Jerrry Wilhm and Tim Duckert are the two scientists we work with at the 1000 acre facility NW of St. Johns. Agro-Liquid owns this machine since 2009 or 2010.  They are studying at splitting applications of starter products (their premier line) with the Orthman 6-row 1tRIPr and part of their Agro-Liquid pre-plant mix.  Both Orthman and Agro-Liquid will be looking to determine how much improvement in yield can be obtained along with efficiency of nutrients as well as crop health as they split products in the strip and following up with precision placing nutrients with their plot planter.  They will be using 1 corn variety in this back-to-back corn study.  These plots are right in the vicinity of the main flow of traffic of participants during the Agro-Expo that occurs during mid-August 2020.


The AgExpo is a two day educational event to expose a myriad of research efforts done by the staff and scientists on the near 1000 acre Agro-Liquid set of farms north and west of St. John, MI.  They are offering outdoor learning classroom and  field studies to Michigan V0-Ag departments and students.


Contact Burt Henry: office: 989.227.3887  He is the Industrial and Relations Leader with Agro-Liquid.


Stay Tuned to new on-going developments at the St. Johns, MI site..




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