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Orthman products are hard at work around the world

The Orthman of today was born on Henry Orthman’s farm in the center of the U.S., near Lexington, Neb. Henry’s farm is still our headquarters and the site of one of our research farms, but Orthman has grown far beyond our humble beginnings.

Orthman products are represented internationally by Orthman dealers in Belguim, Germany, Greece and The Netherlands. In 2013, Orthman took the step of opening its first production facility abroad in Kempton Park, South Africa, near Johannesburg.

The Kempton Park facility provides products and support services to the Orthman and John Deere dealer network in that region. Products manufactured and assembled in the facility include the world-leading Orthman 1tRIPr strip-tillage machine, as well as the newly released 1tRIPr XDR Combo Planter featuring John Deere MaxEmerge™ planter row units. The 1tRIPr XDR is specifically configured for South African and sub-Saharan practices and conditions.

Interest in Orthman products continues to grow in agricultural regions around the world as producers recognize the advantages of soil quality improvement, reduced time and labor, erosion protection, water savings and increased yields. Orthman offers a full line of quality agricultural products for export, including:


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