A Strip-Tillage System Offers Agronomic Advantages

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Published September 24, 2012 | By admin


Precision Applying Liquid Fertilizer for First 60 days


Even during the driest of times we at Orthman are suggesting what the Strip-Till Systematic approach can do for you growers, conservationists and agriculturists.


1. Advantages observed from Strip-Tillage in 2012 (potentially one of the top three driest years in recorded history in the Western Corn Belt (USA).


*Able to grow deeper rooter corn varieties quicker this spring

*Accessed more soil moisture stored due to increased root-to-soil volume explored, in places accessed 3 to nearly 5 inches more water — difference between a crop and no crop that can be harvested

*Even stand so what corn ears developed during dry season we have more consistent ear size and kernel count per ear

*Yes, in some places we helped the plant live 3 to 4 weeks longer, but if the ST caught a rain we have a crop and the other tillage type fields died

*Combination of the two seed companies that had the more drought hardy hybrids readily available for the 2012 season with strip till, definitely a positive synergistic result.


2. Strip Till allowed precision placement of the nutrients prior to planting 3. Crops had a better start with at first a smart N program instead of pouring the N on early prior to planting and the with such a dry year the crop died and the Nitrate levels were potentially astronomically high and growers realized some very poor livestock feed value 4. Withstood the Spider Mite invasion somewhat better than conventional tilled ground 5. The obvious cost savings with fewer pre-plant tillage passes with ST
Ie: fuel, labor, hours, fertilizer, repairs, overhead, etc


All of these details are examples of what growers in the Central and Western Corn Belt of the United Sates experienced as they employed the Strip-Tillage System in 2012. We encourage growers all over the globe to contact a dealership that sells Orthman 1tRIPr’s to get the right information. If you do not know of a dealer in your region, then contact the agronomists with Orthman Manufacturing:


Mike Petersen, Lead Agronomist at mpetersen@orthman.com or Mark Griffith, Sales Agronomist at mgriffith@orthman.com or our southern regional agronomist, Dennis Neffendorf at dneffendorf@orthman.com. Any of these able men will be glad to supply information and expertise to get you on the right track.




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