Strip-Till and Carbon Boost-S Work Together to Boost Corn Yields

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Published November 22, 2011 | By admin


Second in a Series of 5: FBSciences fertilizer enhancement products continue to prove that plant health and yield improves in corn.


Second year of trials at the Orthman Research Farm we are finding that Carbon Boost-S does provide a positive change in irrigated corn especially in high pH soils of the Platte River Valley.


Read what went on in this years (2011) study in the one page report we have prepared for you. We applied the product with the strip-till unit almost 30 days ahead of the corn planter. FBSciences tell us this product assists the roots to absorb and uptake soil born nutrients as well as what we apply. With strip-till we precisely place this product with the added fertilizer material right in the pathway of the early root system to feed the plant from day one.


Read and see what happened to our trials with Hoegemeyer Hybrids.


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