10/15/2009…….Orthman’s Root Digs Find that Precision Placement Makes Big Difference

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Published October 15, 2009 | By admin


While excavating in the rain and then sunshine today (10/15) the precise placement of nutrients with the strip-till implement in the irrigated corn fields of the Platte River Valley-Nebraska,we have seen deeper maximum extension of the corn and soybean roots. How much more you ask? When placing a portion of the total N-P-K nutrients In-Furrow and at 4″ and 9″ depths compared to checks – roots are 18 to 36% deeper. Our different checks are without pre-plant N-P-K but In-Furrow products and pre-plant N-P-K without In-Furrow. These are all strip-tilled and with precise placements showing improvements. Pulling back ear shucks we are seeing 70 to 150 more kernels per corn cob. At 29,000 final plant population, that is approx. 22 to 48 bpa increases in yield potential. But folks we are 25 days away from putting the combine in the field.


All indications are smiles on the horizon. Keep watching and we will let you know of the lie detectors findings.


***Picture of the combine is all of our hopes to soon happen before Saint Nick comes.




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