As Summer Retreats to Harvest Time… A Different Perspective is Appreciated!

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Published July 14, 2010 | By admin


The long range weather/climate forecasters in central Nebraska spoke of a wet spring and on into summer. That and then some is the picture and story along much of the Platte River Valley.


Our agronomist, Mike Petersen is back for the second round of root studies to better weigh in on how the crops are doing. He said in many today that the amount of root development has been very minimal. The water table has remained high on the terraces of the Platte Valley which has slowed down crop growth and gaining access to nitrogen, numerous fields appear yellow green and quite irregular in height.


In many parts of the Corn Belt corn farmers have tiled their fields due to consistent wet fields to have any crop whatsoever. In Central Nebraska that is not the norm, rather quite the opposite. Mike says that in the past three years tile drains would have been a good asset for farmers including the Orthman Research Farm. The corn plants he has excavated in the strip-till compared with Direct Seeded corn is taller by 8 to 15 inches, more total roots per plant and larger in diameter stalks. He said the Direct Seeded corn is trying to combat more dense soils and remaining wetter longer, having a tough go at getting caught up that it usually does about right now in July.


Where the water table has dropped to 30 inches or deeper the corn is tassling and getting ready to shoot ear silk.




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